Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Are women allowed to drive in Islam?

16:4 He created the human being from a drop, then behold, he is a clear opponent. 16:5 And the cattle, He created them for you, in them is warmth and benefits and from them you eat. ... 16:8 And horses and mules and donkeys for you to ride them and (as) adornment. And He creates that which you do not know.

(The Verses are addressed to mankind, and there is no distinction between male and female. Both male and female eat from the cattle, etc. (16:5), so both of them can ride as a transportation (16:8))(Allah knows best)

36:41 And a Sign for them is that We carried their offspring in the laden ship. 36:42 And We created for them the likes of it on which they ride.

(Ships were created for the offspring, there is no distinction between male and female, so both can ride it)(Allah knows best)

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